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Palestinian American Council henceforth the (PAC) is an organization for charitable, educational, civic and political activities, as well as promoting of cooperation between the peoples of Palestine and the United States of America.  The decision to establish PAC in the year 2000 stemmed from the urgent need to have a reliable and professional source that will provide accurate and timely information relevant to the Palestinian reality, as well as representing the missing and untold side of the story pertaining the Middle East.
As part of an American community of Palestinian roots, PAC works on encouraging, and strengthening ties between the Palestinians and their motherland, and assumes the role of the central entity that adopts the issues concerning Palestine and the Palestinian people.

  • While acting as part of the mainstream America, PAC sees a harmony between that and keeping our identity and character and adopting the Palestinian rights and aspirations of justice and peace. It is the American thing to do.
  • Provide all kinds of allowed aid to the Palestinians for improving their standard of living.
  • PAC believes that the Palestinian cause is not only political and national, it is also a moral and a humanitarian cause, and as such PAC will solicit the American public and administration’s support to the Palestinian noble cause.
  • Creating public awareness regarding Middle Eastern issues in general and Palestinians in particular.
  • Formulate a media strategy to present and transmit the Palestinian position on various issues of concern to the Palestinian cause. PAC will adopt the issues pertaining the recognition of the Palestinian human and national rights as allowed by the US law.
  • PAC is a democratic and independent organization. PAC is not part of any internal Palestinian politics abroad. Yet, will be acting as the bridge between the people and entities in the United States and Palestine whenever deems necessary and legal, for the common good of both sides.
  • Providing translation, notarization, certification, and stamping documents requested and/or required by the Palestinians, the American Authorities, and/or the Palestinian National Authority as permitted by the US laws.
  • Facilitating and arranging assistance to the Palestinians at their areas of residence. 
  • Provide assistance to support the building and development of the Palestinian infrastructure and institutes.
  • Create and develop peaceful strategies and public policies that aim to reshape the perception of Palestine and Palestinians in the US and the world.
  • Adopt the necessary and legal steps to guarantee a better Palestinians status, and organize the Palestinian efforts to empower themselves in all needed areas allowed by law.
  • Collecting, archiving, distributing, submitting, and providing all different types of information and studies pertaining Palestine and the Palestinians to all interested individuals and entities.

2005 Palestinian American Council